Tuesday, 29 April 2014

B322 - Exam Practice (home-learning) - Enemy of the State extract

Use the clip below to answer the question I set for home learning (the extract is shorter to allow you to focus on the quality of your examples)

Start from 1: 03 till the end.

Before you start the exam question, you might want to think about the questions below first.

Enemy of the State, Tony Scott, 1998

Some questions to make you think first:
1. What is the point of this sequence? Describe briefly how tension is created through the editing.
2. Look at the use of CU or Medium CU. Why are they primarily used here? Refer to specific shots (screengrab them) and embed them within your post.
3. Choose 15-20 seconds from anywhere in the sequence and describe each shot in detail, explaining its effect / function for the audience, as well as commenting on how the cuts (the editing) add to the meaning.
4. How far does the editing of this sequence fit in with the action adventure genre? Justify your opinion.

Above all, do your best to engage with the sequence and the task.