Monday, 14 September 2015

10ac (HO) Tasks to be completed on your blog and in your books by Monday 28th September

1. All the links to your blogs should have been sent to me by now.

2. The photos you took must be uploaded to your blog in a new post titled My Photos. You must describe each shot using the correct media language. Add a sentence to explain what you would change or tweak to make each photo even better.

3. Revise all the terminology learnt so far including camera shots and angles, and mise-en-scene. In the test, you must score at least 80% or take the test again after school on Friday.

4. Home-learning to be completed in your exercise book by Monday (You can type up your work, print it out and stick it in your home-learning book)

Choose either slide 1, 2 or 6 in the presentation below and use the prompts below to analyse what is happening in the 4 shots on that slide.

The prompts are at the end of this post.

Screenshots from an episode of The Bill

The bill shots from Hélène Galdin-O'Shea

Screenshots from The Bill.

I have chosen to analyse slide 1, featuring 4 different shots.

1. What seems to be happening:

e.g. The four shots depict a dramatic scene in which some characters appear to be held hostage, or at least are victims of some attack.

2. Describe each shot (including mise-en-scene) using correct terminology and explain how meaning is constructed (or effects created for the audience).

eg. Shot 1 is a two-shot from a slightly low angle which emphasises the tension between the two characters. All characters seem to be sitting on the floor as can be seen from the low angle revealing the bottom of a window. We can see the top of the head of a couple of other characters which suggests that they are crouching, possibly in fear for their lives.
In terms of composition, the character on the left is more prominent and dominant compared to the other character, suggesting that he is the one holding the power. This is also reinforced by the second character's facial expression which shows distress, whilst the first character shows either hatred or anger. Low key lighting is also used to add to the threatening atmosphere, creating menacing shadows on the antagonist's (or villain's) face. The shot is crowded which creates a harsh and dangerous atmosphere. The fact that the window seems out of reach reinforces the idea that the characters are trapped.

In shot 2, ...

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